This is what I look like.

This is what I look like.

About Kat

For as long as I can remember, art was the center of our lives. I grew up going to art lessons independently from school eventually attending school for design. Grandma was a painter, mom was a quilter and a photographer with a masters in textile design.
Art is in our blood.

I made the decision to leave weddings in 2017 with the goal to organically capture people as they interact, with their children, dogs or significant other. Capture memories that were unscripted, through the eyes of someone else. 

Two things are a guarantee when working with me, I will probably talk about my nieces and my dogs. They're the two most important things to me (other than my hubby of 10 years). Client meetings usually consist of copious amounts of coffee, music and pastries. If I am feeling real funky, margaritas and burritos! 

Shoreline, WA