Ada & Gavin

Every once in a while I do weddings, and I love them because they're so full of energy!

Ada and Gavin held a simple & Beautiful ceremony at the Monte Cristo in Everett earlier in September. When we spoke we discussed the shots they wanted were more candid. (WHICH I LOVE) and boy, what a group of people to document. Too.Much.Fun.

Smith Tower Engagement Session

Emily and Paul are an adorable couple who requested we shoot at the Smith Tower, which happens to be the exact location they became engaged. 

I have lived in Seattle for almost 35 years and I have never seen the interior of this building! The elevators had copper inside of the doors, the penny tile floor and marble walls.....its to die for. 

We made a trip up to the top of the tower and wrapped the shoot in the Post Alley. Emily's dress was stunning. I may just have to ask all of my future brides to wear bright gowns to their engagement shoots!

Spring Family Session - In the Studio

In the beginning of March I decided to go in on a studio space. Seattle is notorious for our unpredictable weather and last minute cancellations for outdoor shoots. Our space is conveniently located in Magnuson park, so if we aim to shoot outside and the weather is nice, GREAT! But if it rains....we head into the studio! This day happened to be kind of damp and unpleasant. March showers bring April flowers, right? 

Since March there have been many shoots, but this one is a special one for me. 

This will now be the third photoshoot I have done with this bunch. The first was when Cam (their little boy) was around 2 - 3 years old, a few years back in my OLD Studio on greenwood. It is shoots like these that make you realize a few things. 

The first thing you realize is how much time has gone by!! That studio I mentioned was from almost 3 years ago!! (EEK) Cam has told me he will be in the first grade soon, and that he loves being a big brother! Since their first photoshoot, we did a maternity session, and now a spring session with the family and their little one, Everleigh. I was so excited to meet her since last time I saw her, she was just a little bump!

The second thing you realize, and start to appreciate are your ongoing clients. The clients who keep coming back and who allow you in to watch their family grow. Its a very special feeling, and I am so lucky to have clients like this who value our professional relationship. 

The last thing you realize is how much you have grown as a photographer. Each and every shoot I have done, I have learned something new. I am not sure if other photographers do this, but sometimes when booking a client, I'll go back to their galleries to view the images. When I look over their galleries, I pay attention to details, things we have shot before, location, and most importantly, how much my work has evolved since then! 

Everleigh is a sweet baby girl who just wants to snuggle and be held. Do I get baby fever? No, except when she is around! Oh goodness, just too much cute. See for yourself!

Creative Headshots with Misty

Misty is a fun lady who shares my love of anything and everything 90's, My So-Called Life, Doc Martins and Grunge music. We met in the studio for her shoot during a rainy afternoon. Hair and makeup was done, and we started to look over her attire to map out our plan of attack. Misty sells books through Usborne Books & More, so her headshots were meant to reflect her love of literature while showing her personality and fun side! Some of the dresses she brought are not what I usually would advise people to bring for their "Headshot" however, to my surprise, they ALL photographed so well. That was a learning experience for me! I love fun clients, but I love clients who help push me creatively, which is exactly what Misty did! 

To support Misty, go visit her site on the link posted above!

Makeup and Hair: Kat St. John | Makeup & Styling

Carkeek Park Maternity Session

Lara & Keith are friends of mine who I met through an old co worker. I have had the honor of photographing her family and eventually becoming friends! When Lara emailed me to set up a maternity shoot, I was so excited! Maternity is absolutely one of my favorite things to do. 

The shoot was set up a few months prior in January. The day we met for coffee, it was nice outside. I was filled with optimism. Could this be a sign? Will it be nice the day of their shoot? 

Naturally in our area during early spring, you can't predict the weather. However, when arriving to the park and scouting, it turned out to be so beautiful, warm & sunny! Which was quite a shock (NOT a bad thing, in this case) during one of the rainiest winters I have ever experienced as a PNW Native. We lucked out, THANKS MOTHER NATURE! 
Sunshine, warmth and a lot of laughter. Its hard not to giggle around these two. 

I can't wait to meet this little guy! (Yes, it's a boy)



Bend, OR Engagement Session

A couple of weeks ago my job took me to Bend, Oregon to photograph my friends Frances and Irina who are getting married THIS March! I made this a fun trip and took my good friend Kayla, who also happens to assist me. Our trip probably could have gone quicker but the snow was unreal, and absolutely gorgeous to photograph.....



We shot their session right before we left for the long haul home. Shooting with the intention of being in overcast, we instead managed to catch a patch of clear sky and beautiful sunshine. Quite the difference from our arrival the day before. 

I cannot wait to celebrate this couple next month!